Alice Hirst

Name: Alice Hirst

Age: 34

Occupation: Donor Recruitment Manager

Goal for the Year: Just keep on getting better!

How long have you been coming to Central Staffs Crossfit.....

Little over 6 months

 What was your background in Fitness or Sport before you joined at CSC.........

 I was an okay gymnast in what feels like a previous life, recurrent knee problems and bad advice to rest left me sat on my bum for too long! I found motivation in gym classes (spin, body pump, combat) I would do 2/3 classes a day 5 days a week I obviously wasn't working hard enough. I found Crossfit through a friend about 2 years ago.

How did you hear about Crossfit.....& how did you hear about CSC specifically....

Through a friend who said "You will love it, you might feel like your going to die, but I'm  sure you will love it". She was right! I found out about CSC through then Crossfit grapevine.

 What do you enjoy the most about Crossfit at CSC.....
The programming! I used to follow a specific Olympic lifting program and try and fit in a Crossfit (WOD) once a week or so. Having confidence in CSC's programming, that I know it is planned to see progression, works at percentages of my best lifts and doesn't just see me trying hit a 1RM or a 3RM on random lifts, I have been able to focus on attending sessions giving it my all and still seeing progressions in my lifts.

 I love how the programming includes accessory exercises. At first I was all like "what am I doing this for it's not Crossfit so it can't be doing anything" now I can feel the movements that work my weaknesses are helping make the staple movements and lifts easier, well maybe not easy but definitely less difficult! Looking beyond Crossfit into proper Strength and Conditioning programs.

 The time spent on skills like handstand pressups/walks/holds, rope climbs and muscle ups that often then play a part in that days WOD. The coaching throughout to move through progressions at a suitable pace has seen me make improvements faster that I thought possible!

I also love that the CSC coaches follow their own programming, I have previously been confused why some coaches program for themselves and then for their members. Surely if Crossfit is able to be scaled to all abilities and you work at your own percentage's you would do your own workouts...

The emphasis on strength and skill not speed and short cuts!

I'm not going to lie I got a little disheartened in my first few sessions, I had been doing Crossfit for some time and although I know I don't know everything (that statement will surprise some people...) I thought I at least had the basics down, it turns out I had been cheating myself out of strength gains by taking the easy route and short cuts, sacrificing skill for speed. I put my ego to one side, listened and in the last 6 months have felt big improvements in my strength in the most basic of movements.


CSC is such a welcoming place, everyone has their strengths and everyone supports and celebrates others achievements.

They also offer sessions at times that suit me with good class sizes, enough others than you get the support but not too many so you get good coaching.

What changes have you seen physically and mentally within yourself since you started at CSC.....

I feel stronger!

 Would you recommend CSC + CF to friends, family & others......... If yes why....

Most definitely! It's a welcoming place lots of friendly people, great programming, great community.