Paul Proudlock

Name                     : Paul Proudlock

Age                        :  34

Occupation              : taxi driver

Goal for the Year     : lose weight/body fat

How long have you been coming to Central Staffs CrossFit?

2 years

What was your background in Fitness or Sport before you joined at CSC?

Body building and I used to do spinning classes. 

How did you hear about CrossFit & how did you hear about CSC specifically?

A friend of mine told me about Crossfit, and another friend recommended I try CSC.

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit at CSC?

I love the programmes they have running at CSC, I enjoy a mix of strength days and high intensity workouts and regularly attend an additional class ‘Gym Jones’ to mix up my training. I just love all of it.
The social side of CSC is a huge part too. It’s like having a second family, people make you feel good about yourself and anyone will go the extra mile to help you.

What changes have you seen physically and mentally within yourself since you started at CSC?

I have lost 3 stone in weight since I started here and my body fat has reduced from 29.7 to 22.3 – an 8 week course of personal training with Tim Fearnett alongside regularly attending classes helped me to achieve this. I feel better in myself and feel good in my clothes too. I have stopped smoking for over 3 years now and fitness has been a big part of it - to be able to stop smoking means that my mind is now stronger as well.  

Would you recommend CSC + CF to friends, family & others? If yes why?

120% - I would recommend this place to everyone. I asked my best mate to come down and have a look at the comp they had running, when he walked through the door he said the place was full of energy and it was a place he would like to train. By the end of the day he had become a member at CSC.

 A big part of my life is my son Joshua who is 9 years of age and he is autistic.

He was having problems at school socializing. He came to watch me train at CSC, he asked if there was a class for kids as he wanted to join in. Luckily, CSC offer a CrossFit Kids programme so he came for a session to give it a try. Joshua loved every minute of it and has now been attending for several months. He’s a different person, social skills have jumped through the roof and his fitness is brilliant. If he didn’t play golf on a Saturday he would want to attend twice a week! He loves the Kids coach Emma, that lady has worked wonders on him, it’s like she has a magic wand!