Harry Brogan

Name                     : Harry Brogan

Age                        : 16

Occupation              : Student

Goal for the Year     : General fitness


How long have you been coming to Central Staffs CrossFit?

Around 10 months

What was your background in Fitness or Sport before you joined at CSC?

I attended an average gym before joining CSC, I also played rugby at club level. My fitness was quite poor and I soon realized that most things I did in the previous gym was with bad form and mostly wrong for what I wanted to achieve.

How did you hear about Crossfit.....& how did you hear about CSC specifically....

Crossfit was very new to me. The only reason I knew of CSC and CrossFit was due to my mum regularly attending. 

What do you enjoy the most about Crossfit at CSC.....

Seeing results and noticing changes are always important to me, but it has to be the sense of accomplishment at the end of each WOD.

What changes have you seen physically and mentally within yourself since you started at CSC.....

Physically I am a fitter, stronger and a lot more mobile in comparison to when I first started. Mentally, I have found myself to be a lot more self-disciplined. Within 10 months of being at CSC I have gone from playing at school and club level rugby to representing the county in two different age groups.

Would you recommend CSC + CF to friends, family & others? If yes why?

I would definitely recommend CSC and CrossFit to anybody because it teaches you the importance of things that aren't taken seriously by many average gym users, such as the importance of mobility and stretching; also warming up and cooling down. Finally, the fact that it is a very intense, fun and social way to keep fit.