Bekah Crosby

Name                     : Bekah Crosby

Age                        :  30

Occupation              : Underwriter

Goal for the Year     : To lose weight/body fat and get fitter

How long have you been coming to Central Staffs CrossFit?

Nearly 7 months

What was your background in Fitness or Sport before you joined at CSC?

Standard gym and body pump

How did you hear about CrossFit & how did you hear about CSC specifically?

My friend told me about CrossFit and I have never looked back since.

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit at CSC?

I love every single element of CrossFit. I love the programmes and how each day is a different workout. I enjoy strength days and the high intensity workouts.

The coaches and members are all amazing and very supportive. The encouragement from everyone is unbelievable. I have gained many friends from this place.

What changes have you seen physically and mentally within yourself since you started at CSC?

I had just had a baby before I started CrossFit, I have most definitely lost most of my baby weight now, and I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have.

I lacked in confidence before I started CrossFit and I definitely feel a lot more confident and less paranoid because not one person at CSC is judgemental and that is what is amazing about this place, it’s like one big family.

Would you recommend CSC + CF to friends, family & others? If yes why?

1000% yes. This place is amazing and I have and will continue to encourage anyone I know to come down and see for themselves.

My daughter also attends the CrossFit kid’s classes. Emma Sheehan is absolutely brilliant with them and my daughter loves going every week.