Kate Satongar

Name:   Kate Satongar

Age:     34

Occupation:   Podiatrist

Goal for the year:   To be able to do a non-assisted pull up

How long have you been coming to Central Staffs Crossfit?

2 years

What was your background in Fitness or Sport before you joined at CSC……?

I have always been a member of a gym doing various fitness classes and regularly road running, doing some charity runs from 5km to a half marathon.

How did you hear about Crossfit…..& how did you hear about CSC specifically…..

I heard about crossfit from my husband who is into his fitness.

My sister’s friend was already a member at CSC and raved about it. I was bored of the gym and wanted to try something new. So my sister and I decided to go for a taster and immediately loved it.

What do you most enjoy the most about Crossfit at CSC?

I love the community spirit at Crossfit everyone in so welcoming, everyone wants to help each other succeed and push to do better.  I found you don’t get that anywhere else, the gym was boring and I never pushed myself to the level that crossfit has made me do.

I love all the workouts from strength to met con days also learning new skills along the way such as rope climbs, pull ups, muscle ups, lifting weights the list goes on…Every workout is different you never know what to expect which keeps it interesting and fun. The classes are not large so you feel like you are almost getting one to one training.

At CSC I have taken part the in house competitions which are again really fun but very hard work in a good way.

What changes have you seen physically and mentally within yourself since you started crossfit at CSC…..?

Physically I have lost weight and a dress size my clothes feel much better and I feel more toned. My fitness has improved greatly. I had never really done any strength training before crossfit. I used to struggle picking up a small kettle bell, so I surprise myself at how much I can lift now.

I recently decided to do the crossfit open with my sister, which was a great way to see what our fitness is like compared to others in world of crossfit. Everyone pushed us and we did our first RX workout which I was very proud of.  I wanted to give up through it so many times but everyone kept me going!!

Would you recommend CSC + CF to friends, family & others….If yes why

I would defiantly recommend crossfit to all my friends and family. I don’t really shut up about it neither does my husband who joined just under a year ago. Everyone should come along for a taster. It is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You won’t look back; even my 3 year old nephew has started so if he can do it anyone can ha!