Harry Bell

Harry, Age 7.

What do you enjoy about coming to kids classes at CSC?

I like coming to CrossFit because of all the fun games that get me really sweaty.
I like learning about eating the right foods to help my muscles grow and keep me fit and healthy.
I go to cycle club & I have a trials bike too and I know that CrossFit makes me strong for riding my bikes.

Here’s what Harry’s mum has to say:

Harry adores CrossFit, he idolises the coaches & there's even a bit of 'hero worship' with some of the other adult members.  We've been to watch some of the competitions & he thinks it amazing to be surrounded by these incredibly strong athletes. They're great role models for a 7 year old to be around! He sees how hard people push themselves & hopefully realises that he should push himself too.

His dad & I are also members at CSC & it’s just brilliant to be able to have family discussions about CrossFit. We talk about air squats over dinner!

We've noticed several changes in Harry since becoming a CrossFit Kid. His confidence & social skills are lovely to see. He understands that discipline & respect play an essential part in everyday life.  

But the biggest change is that his eating has improved immensely - he'll now eat fish, eggs, chicken, salad where before, he just loved anything with ketchup!! He knows these days, that if he wants a chippy tea, he has to work hard in his WOD!