Newsletter - August 2018

The summer has definitely arrived and everyone is sporting tans and enjoying the intake of vitamin D. Its been a quiet month but we are still working behind the scenes to make CSC the place to train. Here is our newsletter for August.

This month we are pleased to announce our latest member of the month as 


Chris has been attending classes at CSC since November 2017.

Chris started by attending conditioning classes before moving on to foundations and the Crossfit classes. Since then Chris hasn't looked back. Chris is open to instruction and advice and always asks questions so he can improve.

His movements have improved and also his engine. He has recently been starting to take extra classes including Gym Jones and Strongman to improve his all-around fitness.

Well done Chris truly deserved💪👍


The last Friday of every month we honour the fallen by offering a free Hero wod to anyone who can attend. Please like and share then book onto our workout.

This month our hero WOD will be dedicated to 

Lt Garreth Jenkins

aug 2018.png

To take part in our memorial WOD, please click the button below. The WOD is free and open to everyone. pleaselike and share with friends who would like to join us.


Our Tri-annual foundation's course is almost here and we have a few spaces left. Why not step your training up a gear and sign up now. We are offering an exclusive 3 month CrossFit membership and a free foundations course all for £150.

ake the first steps to become a better version of you by completing our Crossfit Foundations Course. 

Sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday starting: 4th September

Tuesday ............. 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday ............ 8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday ..............  8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday .............  8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday .............. 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday ............. 8pm -9.30pm
Tuesday ................  8pm-9.30pm
Thursday ............... 8pm -9.30pm

Contact one of the team at or book your spot via team up using the button below.

Newsletter - June 2018

This month we are pleased announce our Member of the Month is non other than

Laura Perrins.png

Laura has been a member at Central Staffs since November 2017, she joined after the boot camp she attended stopped running, on the advice of one of the members she decided to join.

Laura’s confidence has grown and so too has her progress.  She regularly attends the classes, listens and takes the ques that the coaches give.  Her progress has been really impressive and will continue.

Well done Laura.

inhouse comp.png
PNG image.png

Central Staffs Crossfit is 5 years old and to celebrate we want to mark the occasion to thank the comunity and give you all a chance to mingle. On 26th August we will be Hosting a trio of events. 

In-House Throwdown
Training and Nutritional Seminar

The throwdown will start at 8am and accessible for all. Followed by the Seminar at 2pm all wrapped up with a usual CSC BBQ to round off the day.

Prices for the day £20 all in (Throwdown, Seminar & BBQ)
£12.50 for Seminar & BBQ only

Seminar Details

General Public / Epigenetics
Body Composition/Nutrition Basics/Eating for Health
Training Patterns
Health & Fitness/Event Training/Lifestyles
Social Media & Fads
Injury Prevention

To book, click the link below. if you don't want to do the throwdown, use the discount code BBQ to get £7.50 off the cost. This gives you access to the seminar and BBQ.

There will be a lot of questions answered during the seminar so we urge as many people to attend as possible. This is being presented so you get the best out of CSC, your membership and your personal goals.


This month our hero WOD will be dedicated to 

Army Capt. Jennifer M. Moreno


25-year-old Jennifer Moreno, of San Diego, Calif, was assigned to Madigan Army Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.; Jennifer died Oct. 6, in Zhari District, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained when enemy forces attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device. Also killed in the incident were Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, Sgt. Joseph Peters and Pfc. Cody Patterson.



Tim Fearnett has worked hard, proved his metal, supported the team GB Judo team and has now graduated with a Distinction in Sports Therapy. This is great news for everyone at CSC as this builds on the 5 year plan to make CSC an educational fitness facility. A gym that teaches every member the fundamentals of body mechanics and personal performance. Tim's Distinction in Sports Therapy will now be put to work to build an even better injury proofing program for everyone at CSC

PTR has now increased their appointment availability so use the link below to book in.

Newsletter - May 2018

Welcome to the May newsletter, this month we celebrate a team member gaining an accreditation, we open up our new store, and we look forward to whats ahead in June.

This month we are pleased to announce Marc Rathbone as our Member of the Month.

Marc Rathbone.png

Marc has been a member of Central Staffs Crossfit for two years; his progression has been amazing to see.  Marc has done the last 3 Opens, and each year he has improved.

In the WODs Marc is always listening and learning. He attends regular open gyms to work on his weaknesses and just doesn’t focus on his strengths.  His all-around ability has improved and been noticed by all the coaches.

Well done Marc and keep working hard.


First off, this month we want to congratulate Coach Ally Bell for the successful completion of her Crossfit Level 1 certification. Ally has been a regular fixture at CSC as a member and more recently took on the Crossfit Kids classes. Ally now boasts her latest accomplishment which we are all sure will only spur her on to be an even bigger part of CSC. Congratulations Ally 😃💪🏻.

In other coach news, we introduced a new face into the box last month, Russel Skitt. Russel has been a hit with the members and will be around a fair bit in the future. Russel was described as adding some Zing to our classes, so we hope you will all continue to introduce yourself if he coaches you in the coming months. Welcome aboard Russel.

From 1st May we replaced the 18:00 conditioning classes with CrossFit sessions and started to run the same WOD in both rooms accommodating up to 20 people. These classes have gone down well, and we will continue to have this as a regular fixture on the timetable.  Make sure if you are booking on with friends that you both select the same box, we won't be able to move you once the session has been booked. 

Our latest Foundations course is underway, and many of them will be fully fledged CrossFit members by the 14th June. If you are in on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening and see people you don't recognise, introduce yourself and make them feel part of the CSC community. If you know anyone who is thinking of starting CrossFit and are interested in our next foundation's course, get them to drop us an email, and we will get in touch.

In an effort to make our merchandise more available, we have teamed up with Spreadshirt to bring you a wider range of clothing and more customisable experience. We are hoping this outlet allows you to express yourself in broader ways in the coming few months. We have launched with a core set of designs that are familiar and recognisable, and we hope these offer you all a little individuality to your CSC attire. In addition to the core offering, we will be introducing limited edition designs and one-off events throughout the year depending on the uptake of the new merchandise. Not all of our designs will be around forever, so take a look at the store by clicking the button below, like and share with friends and family too.

STORE .png


PTR is now able to offer acupuncture as part of their service catalogue. There are many benefits of acupuncture include relief from chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, postoperative pain, migraine and nausea.

Acupuncture is one of the most widely used alternative medicines throughout the world, and in simplest terms, acupuncture is the practice of penetrating the body with small needles at key points on the body. This stimulates specific nerve endings of the body and can relieve a wide variety of health conditions.

We understand that acupuncture isn't for everyone, but if your symptoms have not subsided, this is an alternative treatment to consider. Use the button below to book your treatment now.

Tim is off to Glasgow to support the GB Judo squad on their National Travels and do some event Therapy and First Aid support in June, this is an excellent opportunity for PTR and ultimately the clients at PTR. 


This month our hero WOD will be dedicated Navy Chief Petty Officer



VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer Mark T. Carter (SEAL), 27, of Fallbrook, Calif., was killed while conducting combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom December 11, 2007. 

Carter enlisted in the U.S. Navy Oct. 6, 1998, and graduated from boot camp at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill., in December. In May 1999, Carter entered Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, Calif., Class 226. It was the SEALs' embodiment of the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment that drew Carter to volunteer for SEAL training.

Newsletter - April 2018

Welcome to the April Newsletter, congratulations to our latest member of the month, well done to those who completed competitions and we welcome some significant changes to CSC.

This month we are proud to announce Tony Dean as our Member of the Month.

MOM MAY 2018.png

Tony first came to CSC to learn to rope climb for an obstacle course race. He loved the facility and decided to give the conditioning classes a go.

With Tony’s interest in Crossfit growing, he decided to do the foundations course.  Since the foundation course, Tony has given everything a go and hasn’t shied away from anything.  He attends open gym sessions to work on his weaknesses and technique which is vitally important to improve his all-around ability. Entering the Crossfit Open was great for Tony to push him outside of his comfort zone, and did amazingly well in it choosing and being sensible on the ones he RX’d and the ones he scaled.

Tony well done on achieving member of the month.

Foundations Knott.png

Our next CrossFit foundations course kicks off on Tuesday 22nd May, and we want to ensure everyone is aware and sharing this information with any friends or family who have expressed an interest in CrossFit.

The course runs for 4 weeks, consists of 8 instructor lead classes on a Tuesday and Thursday where we will cover all the fundamental movements and give you a work out too.

CrossFit is accessible to anyone, and for those with limited mobility or physical issues we can scale appropriately. 
If you are interested but need some more real world convincing take a look at our testimonials.


This month sees CSC dedicate our Hero Wod to 

Marine Gary Wright


Gary Wright, from Glasgow, was born on 30 September 1984. He joined the Royal Marines on 21 October 2002, and after completing his basic training at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, he passed out in July 2003 as a member of 843 Troop.

Gary tragically died when a terrorist stepped between two Army Land Rovers and detonated explosives strapped to his body as a convoy passed through Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province.

To book your free Hero WOD with CSC use the button below.


We have some shout outs to some of our members this month who participated in some competitions during April.

Firstly a huge shout out to Gav Heath and Carlie Johns who took part in the Rainhill Trials in Manchester. Gav managed to get a respectable 20th position in his first solo competition in the "Wood" category. Carlie absolutely smashed it and won her Rocket Category. Well done guys you did us proud.

Ryan Helsby, Amir Khan and Samantha Heath battled it out at the Battle of Britain competition in Birmingham on the 21st April. Ryan came home with a 23rd position in the scaled category. Amir came in 14th in his RX category, and Sam romped home with a very respectable 46th place. Absolute brilliant guys, keep up the good work.

We also have a number of Members who completed the Stafford Half Marathon. Sarah Horsenail, Andy Stone, Tracy Birchall, Rebecca Hemmings, and Kelly Mills. Fantastic acheivement by all. Well done and we assume you've signed up for your next one? 


And finally, we wanted to mention Gem Frisby who ran the London Marathon and did it in 5hrs and 37seconds. Such an incredible display of personal determination and dedication. Well done Gem


There is a fair bit to cover this month but lets kick off with why we have removed some whiteboards!


You may have seen the monitors on the wall within the box, and we will be launching this amazing platform shortly (if not already as its fantastic), but to give you some background on this new tracking app here is a small introduction to BoxMate.

BoxMate is a small, UK based team and their ultimate goal is to enhance peoples’ training experience and also make training fun and social. They have a strong focus on customer support and are really proud of the feedback they have received from the gyms they work with.

Here is a quote from BoxMate on their Members APP

"The members’ app is built to be fast, reliable and innovative but most importantly easy to use so that everyone can utilise all its features. Unlike other systems, we don’t overload your members with unnecessary features that in a lot of cases just don't get used. BoxMate provides simple performance tracking, a platform to manage personal goals and a social hub to engage and grow your gym’s community.

Once your account is configured, your members can access BoxMate from their phones by downloading our apps available for iOS and Android from the app store. As complete lovers of fitness, our ethos is to be always innovating and thinking up new ideas to make training better. Our platform is constantly being improved with new features which come from the feedback we receive. Making BoxMate current and useful for all of our members is EXTREMELY important to us and we are working to build the perfect platform crafted by people who use it daily."

To get access to the app, you need to request this via your coaches through the IOS or Android App. This is a paid app, but you get this as part of your CSC member package. However, if the app is not accessed within a three week period, CSC will remove your access.

We want everyone to embrace this new system and use it to enhance their training and make it easier to track your efforts. Use the features, suggest improvements and let us see those PB's


In other news, you may have seen the Instagram and Facebook posts about our change to the timetable on a Monday and Wednesday. From 1st May we will be replacing the 18:00 conditioning classes with CrossFit sessions and will be running the same WOD in both rooms accommodating up to 20 people. We want to raise the roof during these sessions so make the most of it and use the power of the group to inspire you. Make sure if you are booing on with friends that you both select the same box, we won't be able to move you once the session has been booked. 

More than ever we need to make sure that we respect the equipment in the box. Avoid dropping empty bars, clean up after yourself and help other members pack away if needed. We have a fantastic community, and we are growing so it is essential that we do what we can as a community to keep the equipment in good order and the box tidy.


And Finally, we would like to Introduce Russell Skitt. Russell will be helping out at the box and introducing his style of training to CSC. We hope to see more of Russell around the gym, so if you haven't already one so, reach out to him and say hello. Heres a few words from the man himself.

"Hey hey hey I’m Russ, I’m an inspirational Motivator always willing to help people reach and achieve their desired goals. I’ve been into Fitness and looking after my body since a very young age. Keeping your body flexible and mobile is key to keeping it at its best. I’m into body flow & balance which I’ve trained in and also moving over into more advanced Strength and conditioning to help and create building a better engine. If ever want any extra support or just a chat don’t hesitate to ask." 


Don't forget we have a new service within CSC offering performance therapy and rehabilitation consultations. Currently, the sessions are on Thursday and Fridays from 17:00 - 20:00. your first consultation is free with 50% off standard prices until June 2018. To learn more or book a session please click the button below.

These sessions are filling up fast so if you have any issues that you feel need attention, then book up as soon as possible. Use the button below to book.


We need your feedback. we want to hear from you!

CSC has been striving to make the gym bigger and better, and the introduction of Box Mate is part of the journey. how do you rate CSC, what can we do better, where do we excel? all feedback is good feedback and everything we do is for you, the members. Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts below.


Newsletter - October 2017

The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are here. Even more of an excuse to get down to CSC and warm up with a spicy WOD or two. This month we celebrate our newest member of the month, congratulate some qualifications, shout out to some competitors and sort out festivities with the CSC Xmas event. Remeber all the up to the minute news can be found on the team Facebook page, but here's a recap of October ...

Newsletter - September 2017

Welcome to the September newsletter, the darker nights are drawing in but the electricity in the classes are keeping us all upbeat and ready for action. This month we bid a fond farewell to Jess and Wes, and celebrate some extra curricular activity with the participants of Tribal Clash and Tough Mudder. Don't forget all up to the minute updates are available on the team facebook page.